Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Best ERP software solution In India

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Software is a type of a management process which let the opportunity to any organization to have an organized way of every business process including services, software and Technology. These are the software specially designed to decrease the workload and are designed in such a way that can be used by the businesses to fully monitor and handle the School Management Systems and College Management System.

An organization of School Management Systems and College Management System with the help of this software can get benefits of collecting, storing, managing and interpreting the data at one place with proper arrangements. It lets School Management Systems and College Management System keep their databases in an organized manner. The back offices function in School Management Systems and College Management System which are connected with the technology, services and human resources can also be managed.

As per the requirement of the businesses these ERP Solution systems can be customized also. The ERP software solution in School Management Systems and College Management System is also a platform which let the parents, teachers and students interact with one another at one place.

In India, if we talk about the Best ERP Solution systems then there are many which can help any business or organization. ERP refers to automation and integration of a company’s core business to help them focus on effectiveness & simplified success. It is available in various modules which can be used individually or collectively as per the requirement.

Talking about what are the best ERP Solution systems in India, we have a compiled list of 10 best out of the bunch of many which will be useful and helpful in you in distinguishing and choosing which one will be best for your school management and college management systems.

Let's begin from bottom: 1. Primaseller

Primeseller gives the way to small as well as middle range business and organization to gain success in their journey. It is committed the company to build a technology that let them broadcast their work and with the help of its multiple applications, you can manage all the data of your school and college management systems.

2. Tally ERP 9

It is one of the most popular and known among the people. It is a software for business accounting through which you can do accounting, inventory, payroll. It is most famous School ERP and Collage ERP solutions available.

3. PharmAssist ERP Software By C-Square Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The company is one of the oldest and tested product for any business and organization. It caters to the need of pharmaceutical distribution – wholesale and stockist.

4. Sage ERP Software Solutions

The company has an experience of years through which it is helping out businesses and organization to do their management work.

5. Marg ERP 9+ ERP Software

The Comprehensive ERP solution for multiple location sales, distribution & manufacturing business to manage their entire downstream supply chains. The loosely coupled solution helps you to manage your chain network.


  1. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Software is a type of a management process that can organize every business. In India there are many ERP education software companies the leading one is iCloudEMS. It is most famous School ERP and Collage ERP solutions available.

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